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DNP Career Information

Employment Opportunities

Opportunities for Shepherd DNP graduates will build upon the excellent outcomes of our large undergraduate BSN program.   The most recent submission of annual data to CCNE indicates that the employment rate for Shepherd nursing graduates continues to exceed expected outcomes:

Semester Expected Outcome Employment Rate
May 2018 90% 100%
May 2019 90% 100%
May 2020 90% 100%

DNP career options are prolific and diverse and are largely dependent upon n depend on each individual’s academic background, skills and interest. A DNP graduate has choices to work in sectors such as acute care, family care, pediatric care, geriatric care, and holistic care to name but a few. The DNP graduate can serve in administrative leadership and leadership positions in research, clinical care delivery, patient outcome and system management, education and direct practice.  DNP graduates will be experts in managing the complex issues of quality of care, access and fiscal responsibilities. Below are just a few of the career opportunities available:

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