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Director of Global Studies

Hello and welcome!  I am Ann Marie Legreid, Director of the Global Studies B.A. program at Shepherd University.  As director, I coordinate scheduling, advising, and an array of other tasks for the program.  My office is on the first floor of White Hall near the front door, WH 102.  My door is open for you to pop in or to make appointments to discuss program requirements, courses, advising, careers, and other details of the program.  Advising responsibilities for this program are spread among the department faculty.  If you do not have an advisor, complete the necessary paperwork to be assigned an advisor or contact me for assistance.

I earned my Ph.D. and M.S. in Geography from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with emphases in historical and cultural geography, population studies, and the geography of Europe and North America.  I have been privileged to study and conduct research in Western Europe, Norway, Sweden, Russia, and New Zealand.  Study abroad early in my career was life changing and life enhancing and international travel remains an important part of my life!  I taught at state universities in Missouri before filling a position at Shepherd as an academic dean.  Travel and career shifts open countless opportunities for a person.  Best wishes to you as you plan your travels and chart your career paths.

You are welcome to stop by my office, White Hall 102, or to email me by clicking on the link, Dr. Ann Marie Legreid.  
Telephone:  304-876-5332