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Deans and Department Chairs

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences


Dr. Robert Tudor, Dean
Dr. Ann Marie Legreid, Associate Dean

Department of Contemporary Art and Theater: Christopher Coltrin, Chair
Department of Communications: Dr. Jason McKahan, Chair
Department of English & Modern Languages: Dr. Betty Ellzey, Chair
Department of History: Dr. Sally Brasher, Chair
School of Music Dr. Kurtis Adams, Director


Political Science, Global Studies, and Geography: Dr. Max Guirguis, Chair
Department of Psychology: Dr. Christopher Lovelace, Chair
Sociology, Criminology, and Criminal Justice: Dr. Chiquita Howard-Bostic, Chair
Department of Social Work: Karen Green, Chair

College of Business

Dr. Ben Martz, Dean
Dr. Kathleen Reid, Associate Dean

Department of Accounting: Dr. Cindy Vance, Chair
Department of Business Administration: Dr. Ben Martz, Chair
Department of Economics and Finance: Dr. Kathleen Reid, Chair

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Dr. Robert Warburton, Dean

Department of Biology: Dr. David Wing, Chair
Department of Chemistry: Dr. Jacquelyn Cole, Chair
Department of Computer Sciences, Math and Engineering: Reza Mirdamadi, Chair
Institute for Environmental Studies and Physical Sciences: Dr. Jeffrey Groff
, Chair

College of Nursing, Education, and Health Sciences

Dr. Sharon Mailey, Acting Dean

Department of Education: Dr. Jennifer Penland, Chair
Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Sport: Dr. Stacey Kendig, Chair
Department of Nursing Education: Dr. Sharon Mailey
, Chair

Other Academic Units

Advisement:  Dr. Amy DeWitt, Director
Advising Assistance Center: Ms. Christina Reich, Academic Advisor
Academic Support Center: Emily Gross, Director
Accessibility Services, Crystal Smiles-Tharp, Coordinator
Student Success:  Julia Franks, Coordinator
TRiO Student Support Services: Dr. Cynthia Copney, Director

Honors Program: Dr. Mark Cantrell, Director
RBA Program:  Beth Thomas, Program Coordinator
Graduate and Continuing Education: Dr. Richie Stevens, Dean