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Deans named in academic restructuring

At the request of Shepherd University’s Board of Governors, Shepherd University has instituted an academic reorganization that realigns the institution’s academic structure. The new structure was approved at the February 14 meeting of the Board.

An Academic Restructuring Committee, headed by Provost Scott Beard, developed and vetted potential academic models with the campus community. Last summer and early fall, President Mary J.C. Hendrix convened a special advisory group representing the Board of Governors, Deans Council, Faculty Senate, and tenured faculty to review the structure developed by the restructuring committee. Internal applicants interested in the leadership positions pertinent to the new structure formally applied for the slots and participated in interview sessions held on campus in late February and early March.

President Hendrix said, “The restructuring process consisted of thoughtful deliberations and collegial compromises to advance the academic mission of the university—to train the next generation of leaders, professionals, and model citizens. I am grateful to everyone who took the time to participate in this important endeavor.”

“The academic restructuring process has allowed Shepherd to develop the configuration of academic programs and structures that positions the university to meet the academic needs of its students, provide opportunities for faculty, and create innovative and collaborative ways of enhancing the academic quality of the institution,” said Provost Scott Beard. “Additionally, the leadership search process revealed an abundance of talent that provides a vision for leveraging our academic strengths and positioning our students and Shepherd for the future.”

A new College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences combines the College of Arts and Humanities with the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. The new college will be headed by Dr. Rob Tudor as dean and Dr. Ann Marie Legreid as associate dean. The college has eight departments—contemporary art and theater; communication; English and modern languages; history; political science, geography, and global studies; psychology; social work; and sociology, criminology, and criminal justice—and a School of Music.

The new College of Nursing, Education, and Health Sciences (formerly the College of Education and Professional Studies) consists of a School of Nursing, School of Education, and School of Recreation, Sport, and Exercise Sciences. Dr. Sharon Mailey has been named the dean.

A retooled College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics replaces the College of Natural Science and Mathematics and has four departments—biology; chemistry; computer science, mathematics, and engineering; and environmental and physical sciences. Dr. Robert Warburton has been named the dean of the college.

The College of Business, made up of academic departments business administration, economics and finance, and accounting and the Shepherd University Entrepreneurship Corporation, retains its dean Dr. Ben Martz and associate dean Dr. Kathy Reid.

The reorganization officially combines dean and acting dean positions to create a dean of the Ruth Scarborough Library and Center for Teaching, Learning, and Instructional Resources. Dr. Laura Renninger was named dean.

The Division of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education was revamped as the School of Graduate and Professional Studies with Dr. Richard Stevens continuing as dean.

Additionally, Dow Benedict, the longtime dean of the College of Arts and Humanities, was named vice president for presidential initiatives and will serve as the faculty/academic liaison for the next comprehensive fundraising campaign.

The new academic structure goes into effect on August 13. Deans will assume their duties July 1.