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Civility Response Team

The Civility Response Team (CRT) was established through Shepherd University’s Diversity and Equity Committee to provide assistance for students who feel they have been harassed or assaulted physically, verbally, or through written information based on issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, gender expression, age, religion, ability, or other identity.

The promotion of civility is a key component of the CRT as we strive to maintain a positive campus culture at Shepherd University. Our University is all inclusive and committed to fostering a learning community that values the diversity and the contribution of each individual within the Shepherd community. Our focus on civility mandates that we as an institution give consideration and merit to the distinctive backgrounds and opinions of all who decide to participate in the learning community.

A Civil Learning Community

The CRT team members provide confidential advice on the various services and procedures that are available to someone who may be a victim of such behavior.

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