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Cristian Lopez- First-Generation Student Profile

Cristian Lopez,  Spring Mills High school Class of 2021

Why do you believe it is important for you to attend college?

I believe college is important because I want to drive for success and also want to provide for my family.

What resources do you believe high school students need to help them prepare for college and what are your plans for the future?

I believe high school students need preparation courses to help them be prepared for how college life is like, also SAT courses should be provided. I want to double major in business and political science. For my business degree I want to help run a fashion company and design outfits. For my political science degree, I want to use my voice and be a civil rights activist and create a foundation to help donate to impoverished communities.

 Outside of academics, what are your hobbies/extracurricular?

Some of my hobbies I enjoy are going to political debate lives, cardio, and hanging out with my friends and family.

What advice do you give other first-generation students in high school?

I would tell them to never give up, and to be the first in your family to go to college and do great things.

What drives you to go to college?

Looking up to my sister drives me to go to college because she is the first in our family to get a bachelor’s degree/ My mom also encourages me to college because she has always shown great support when it comes to me attending college.