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Criminal Justice, B.A.

The B.A. in Criminal Justice leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree.  It offers a curriculum grounded in social change, experiential education, and innovative skills sets that build a holistic approach to the equitable administration of justice in our society. The program will highlight the roles of the justice system and professionals with society’s rapidly evolving criteria for justice system functions, uses, expectations, and outcomes.  There are two concentrations in the program. In both concentrations, Shepherd students will reimagine/reinvent the role of the justice system in society where the roles of justice system professionals are holistic (inclusive of diverse ideas, viewpoints, stakeholders, etc.).

The Forensics Concentration offers students exposure to comprehensive forensic science applications and investigations, crime scene procedures, and legal and foundational methods of tracking and solving crime. The forensics concentration prepares students for work in areas such as computer forensics, forensic accounting, forensic nursing, and forensic psychology.

The Law Enforcement and Administration Concentration is designed to prepare students for employment in policing, corrections, security, immigration, criminal investigation, rehabilitation counseling, and data analysis at the local, state, and federal levels.

What is Criminal Justice?