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Credit Hour Compliance Information

Shepherd University, like most institutions of higher education, has adopted a variant of the traditional “Carnegie Unit” as a measure of academic credit.  This unit is the primary academic measure by which progress toward a degree is gauged.  It is recognized that such a unit measures only a part, albeit a major part, of a composite learning experience, based upon formally structured and informal interactions among faculty and students.

Shepherd University definition of a credit hour

The Shepherd University definition(s) of a credit hour constitute a formalization of policy in order to ensure compliance with federal and accreditation expectations, as well as to provide consistency throughout the University. Courses may be composed of any combination of elements described, such as a lecture or studio course, which also has required laboratory periods or a lecture course having an additional requirement for supervised independent study or tutorial activity.

The University Credit Hour Policy can be found here.

The University Credit Hour Calculator can be downloaded here.