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Creative Writing

Creative Writing


Core Curriculum Classes

English 271: Forms of Creative Writing
(Offered every fall)

This course has no prerequisite and is open to all majors. It is in the Second Tier (Expressions of Knowledge—Arts) section of the Core Curriculum and counts as MD.

Upper Division Classes

English 473: Creative Writing: Nonfiction
(Offered every other fall)

English 475: Creative Writing: Forms of Fiction
(0ffered in the fall)

English 471: Creative Writing: Fiction
(Offered every spring)

English 472: Creative Writing: Poetry
(Offered every spring)

English 474: Creative Writing: Drama
(Offered every other fall)

The prerequisite for these courses is ENGL 301. Students who are not English majors or minors and with extensive creative writing experience may contact the professor teaching the course for permission to have the prerequisite waived, spaces permitting.