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Co-op Student Handbook

  1. Discuss interest in registering for a co-op with your academic advisor.
  2. Meet minimum Shepherd University requirements for participation in cooperative education:
    • Completion of 24 credit hours (bachelor’s degree program)
    • Minimum GPA of 2.5 overall
  3. Obtain approval from academic department.
  4. Attend career workshops to enhance employment skills.
  5. Inform academic advisor and faculty co-op coordinator of interviews, job offers, acceptance, and start date.
  6. Complete and return all co-op forms to the faculty coordinator.
  7. Fulfill expectations and duties assigned by employer.
  8. Maintain professional manner at work.
  9. Maintain contact with faculty coordinator. Notify coordinator of any problems that may arise.
  10. Complete academic assignments for co-op course.
  11. Provide statement of total earnings during co-op assignment to the faculty coordinator.
  12. Complete academic assignments for co-op course.