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Continuing Education

The Office of Continuing Education and Graduate Studies welcomes you to our site. I want to assist you with your continuing education credits  and offer courses that will help you obtain the required credit hours.

The goals of  Education Professional Development courses (EDPD) are to allow educators to earn their required 6 graduate credit hours for re-certification; to assist teachers in gaining new and vital, updated knowledge; to assist teachers in their compliance with West Virginia State Law that requires all educators to take graduate-level classes; and to have a forum in which teachers may learn from each other through informed dialogue, discussion, and independent research. Some of the class offerings may be independent study, some online, and some may be a combination of in the classroom and independent study. Shepherd University strives to provide access to quality educational opportunities through both traditional and nontraditional learning experiences.

We offer other continuing education courses for professionals during the semester.  Check our website for any upcoming courses or seminars that we are holding.

I welcome your feedback concerning the course offerings or for future courses and workshops offered at Shepherd University. You may contact me at 304-876-5313 or by email at

Lucinda Powers
Director of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning