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Continuing Education FAQs

What types of Continuing Education does Shepherd University offer?

Shepherd University offers three types of Continuing Education:

Do these classes have major assignments, projects, or homework?

Yes, in the case of graduate-level Education Professional Development (EDPD) courses, there are usually assigned readings or a paper included with the class grade.  However, Continuing Education Unit (CE) courses are for content only and do not have assignments due, only contact hours for the course.

Are these courses affordable?

Each unit of a Continuing Education (CE) course is affordably priced at $59 a CE unit, representing 10 contact hours.  Education Professional Development (EDPD) courses are typically three non-degree graduate credits priced at $198 and Calmer School and VESi at $348.

Do I qualify for Federal Financial aid with Continuing Education courses?

Only degree-seeking students qualify for Federal Financial Aid; however, classes are economically priced, and, in many cases your employer or school district may pay for these classes or offer other financial assistance.

How do I apply?

Use the online registration form.

Are there strict deadlines?

Most classes are offered online and asynchronous, with possible Zoom meetings. Contact the Graduate Studies Office at for more information.