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Confidential Communication in Advising

Although FERPA recognizes student¹s rights to the privacy of their educational records, it also recognizes an advisor’s right to confidential communications. This right, however, is not an absolute one. Discussion between staff or faculty advisors concerning an individual student may be both appropriate and beneficial. Discretion, concern for the student’s best interest, and good judgment will dictate the circumstances and content of the sharing of confidential information. 

No information concerning a student, however insignificant it may appear to be, should be given to anyone other than appropriate members of the University professional staff or faculty. Information given by the student in confidence should be kept in confidence unless the student agrees that some other person should have knowledge of the information or situation. To protect the interests and right to privacy of the student, all grades, records, and reports are to be handled as confidential information.

Information concerning a student should generally not be given on the telephone since it is not possible to identify the caller positively. Students will receive any information they need by mail from the appropriate office. Grades should never be given over the phone. As a faculty or staff advisor, your safest course of action is to refer all external requests for information to the Office of the Registrar.