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Emma Copley Eisenberg’s website

Our Recent Virtual Conversation with Emma Copley Eisenberg 

Scarborough Library LIB guide

NPR Fresh Air article about “The Third Rainbow Girl” 

On The Seawall – Book review by Sarah Neilson

Crafting Collectivity: American Rainbow Gatherings and Alternative Forms of Community

Telling the Both/And Story: Emma Copley Eisenberg interview for Bomb Magazine

Author Talk: Emma Copley Eisenberg at the Free Library of Philadelphia 

The Enduring, Pernicious Whiteness of True Crime

Mysterious WV – YouTube channel created by a WV native showcasing unsolved murders and mysterious crime cases in the Mountain State

Article about Mysterious WV

Rainbow Family / Rainbow Gatherings

Joseph Paul Franklin

Interview with trial psychiatrist Dorothy Lewis on her work with serial killers

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Life Without Mercy: Jake Beard, Joseph Paul Franklin and the Rainbow Murders


True Crime Creepers: The Rainbow Murders

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The Vanished

The books and media below were recommended by Emma Copley Eisenburg during her 9/19/22 virtual visit: 

The Enduring, Pernicious Whiteness of True Crime

Savage Appetites: True Stories of Women, Crime, and Obsession

Let the Lord Sort Them

How the Word is Passed

No Visible Bruises