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Committee Members

Members of the Diversity and Equity Committee represent diverse interests on Shepherd’s campus and advocate for important issues. The Diversity and Equity Committee makes recommendations regarding policy and issues concerning race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation.  The committee advances the University’s goals of achieving and maintaining a diverse faculty/staff and student body.  There are two subcommitees “Program, Grants, and Awards” and “DEI Metrics”. 

Dr. Chiquita Howard-Bostic Committee Chair, Associate VP of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusivity
Wendy Baracka Director, Counseling Services
Catherine Ellzey Admissions Counselor
Cynthia Copney Director of TRIO
Dr. James Cherry Shepherd Board of Governors
Tanya Dallas-Lewis Community Representative, Jefferson County Schools
Kay Dartt Manager, 3-D Fabrication and Clinical Faculty
Melanie Ford Principal Systems Analyst
Tammy Gill Assistant Director, Human Resources
Karen Green Associate Professor, Chair, Social Work
Dr. Heidi Hanrahan Professor of English, Dean, Interdisciplinary Studies
Holly Frye VP, Student Affairs
Madge Morningstar Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
Annie Lewin Director, Social Equity and Inclusion, Coordinator of Title IX
Eric Lewis Shepherd University Board of Directors
Adam Paige Information Systems Tech Desktop Support
Alan Perdue General Counsel
Tessa Chafin Graduate Assistant, Multicultural Cultural and Accessibility Services
Crystal Smiles-Tharp Multicultural and Accessibility Coordinator
kb Saine Assistant Professor, Theater
Dr. Richard Stevens Dean, Graduate Studies & Faculty Affairs
Associate Professor, College Student Development and Administration (CSDA)
Dr. Robert Tudor Dean, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Sharon Jackson Community Representative, Storer College Alum Association
Natalia Johnson Student Representative, Student Government
Paul Teter Student Representative, Student Government
Kitanna Rakeshaw Graduate Assistant, Title IX/Multicultural Affairs
Kiara Rakeshaw Graduate Assistant, Title IX/Multicultural Affairs