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Coalition Members and Structure

Dr. Elizabeth Rini, Assistant Professor of Nursing Education, Chair
Ms. Carol Boyd, IT Specialist for Student Affairs

Ms. Becky Boehler, Director of Student Health Center, Chair
Jenny Flora, Director of Wellness Center
Tess Tomsic, Health Center Program Assistant

Engagement and Communications
Ms. Christina Smith, Music Department Program Assistant, Chair
Ms. Tammy Gill, Assistant Director of Human Resources
Ms. Rachael Meads, Assistant Director of Student Engagement
Elizabeth Sechler, Director of Residence Life
Hannah Brumbaugh, Student Community Service
Shelby Maly, Graduate Assistant for Social Media
Kell Clothier, Graduate Assistant for Program Board
Jessica Wall, Communications Capstone/Internship

Campus Infrastructure
Mr. Matt Ware, Assistant Director of Facilities for Grounds & Custodial Services, Chair

Policy Development and Enforcement
Chief John McAvoy, Shepherd University Police
Jacob Mellow, Conduct Coordinator

Steering Committee Co-Chairs
Ms. Chris Palank, Health Center Nurse Practitioner
Dr. John Adams, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs