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Cooperative Education — Getting Started Guide for Students

Hello Student:

The Shepherd University Cooperative Education Program provides you with an opportunity to earn upper-division academic credits while working with an organization that reflects your academic interests. This work may be paid or unpaid and can be completed at a site approved by your academic department (your current site of employment or a site that you secure can qualify for approval).

To get started with your Cooperative Education (Co-op) experience, please do the following:

Step One: Contact your academic advisor to express your interest in enrolling in a Co-op experience. Your academic advisor will refer you to a Faculty Co-op Supervisor. You consult with this Faculty Co-op Supervisor if you do not have an established position or if you need to determine if your current site would qualify as an approved Co-op site.

Step Two: Once the site has been approved, work with your Faculty Co-op Supervisor to complete a Cooperative Education Approval Form. The Cooperative Education Approval Form establishes your anticipated learning objectives and various responsibilities you will have at the Co-op site.

Step Three: Once the Cooperative Education Approval Form has been completed and all signatures obtained, return the form to you Faculty Co-op Supervisor. Your Faculty Co-op Supervisor provides you with permission to register for the appropriate Co-op course through RAIL.

You can start the process of enrolling in the Cooperative Education Program at any time during the designated registration period and should do so as soon as possible, in order to avoid any delays in registering.