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Cooperative Education — Steps to Getting Started

The Cooperative Education Program provides you with an opportunity to earn upper division academic credits that will count toward your graduation requirements, all while working with an agency that reflects your academic interest. This work may be paid or unpaid and can be completed at your current place of employment or at a site that you secure through our assistance.

The following information represents a guide to help you get started in your Cooperative Education experience:

First Step: Contact my office to make an appointment if you do not have an established position or need to determine if your current site would qualify as a relevant co-op site. My office is located on the first floor of Gardiner Hall in room G114. Appointments can be made by calling 304-876-5477 or by email at

Step Two: Complete a Cooperative Education Approval Form, if you have already secured a co-op position. This document can be obtained at the following link

The Cooperative Education Approval Form is the most important document as it serves as the contract between you, your co-op site, and the department that is awarding the credits. This form is used to establish your learning objectives that you hope to achieve. This document is also used to discuss what responsibilities you will have at the co-op site in question. Feel free to contact my office or your prospective co-op faculty supervisor for assistance with completing this document.

Step Three: Return the approval form to my office so that I can grant you permission to register for the class. You still will need to physically go on RAIL and register for the correct co-op class. You should be sure to register for the correct number of credits when you log on to RAIL.

Step Four: Upon registering for the class, you must pay your bill in a timely fashion. You have the first four weeks of each semester to take care of all of these steps.

If You Miss the Deadline

You will need to complete an Admissions and Credits Petition Form if you miss the registration deadline.

Time to Register

You can start the process of enrolling in the Cooperative Education Program at any time prior to the start of the semester, in order to avoid any delays in registering once classes start.

Relevancy of the co-op experience should never be linked to the site where the student participates.  It should be based on the substance of work that is completed along with the academic course requirements as prescribed by the Co-op Faculty Supervisor.

Feel free to contact me at 304-876-5477 or at if you have any questions.