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Classified Staff Development

Shepherd University maintains a program to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities of its Classified Staff. Both the individual and the organization have the inherent responsibility to define and achieve their own excellence. This program is designed to enhance the professional level and effectiveness of the institutional staff members in their assigned duties and responsibilities. Staff development involves and benefits everyone who influences students’ learning.  When school personnel define and improve their skills and knowledge, students benefit.

Note: In addition to filling out the appropriate form below that must be approved by HR, if you are receiving a personal reimbursement you must go to the Procurement webpage and print out an employee reimbursement form. Your supervisor will need to sign that form. If you are purchasing an item such as a book for personal reimbursement, you must also fill out a receiving report saying you received the books that your supervisor must also sign. You must provide a final receipt that you will need to sign. Hard copies of all signed documents must be sent to Procurement.

Application for Staff Development Funds – Fillable Version

Application for Staff Development Funds – Printable Version

Staff Development Reimbursement Guidelines Revised 2017—PDF

Staff Development Program Guidelines Revised 2017