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Classified Employees’ Children’s Scholarship Fund


The Classified Employees Children’s Scholarship Fund was established by the Classified Employees Council for the purpose of awarding monetary grants to children of full-time classified employees. The scholarship is to be used exclusively by the student recipients for expenses in pursuit of a degree at Shepherd University. In April 2024, the Classified Employees Council voted to open the scholarship to dependents of all staff, with preference given first to dependents of classified employees, second to dependents of former classified employees, and third to dependents of staff who have never been classified.


1. The applicant must be the child of a full-time classified employee. The child may be either biological, adopted, or step. Also eligible are children who are currently, or were previously, under legal guardianship of a full-time Classified Employee through the age of 18 (documentation required).
2. The classified employee must have been employed full-time at least six months prior to the start of the upcoming semester. Previous part-time employment at the University will be considered to establish an EST (Equivalent Start Date).
3. The applicant must be enrolled as a full-time student at Shepherd University.
4. Freshman applicant’s eligibility will be determined by a need assessment from the Office of Financial Aid as well as by ACT and SAT scores and high school transcripts.
5. The continuing student must demonstrate “Satisfactory Academic Progress”, as outlined by Shepherd University.
6. The continuing student must maintain at least a minimum Shepherd University GPA of 2.0 and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

A letter is sent to each classified employee early in the spring semester which details the application procedures.  CEC Scholarship Guidelines and Application Form.

Donate to the Classified Employees Children’s Scholarship Fund

For more information on giving to the scholarship fund, contact the Foundation Office or call 304.876.5397.