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Computer and Information Sciences Courses

CIS prereq graph

Above: the CIS prerequisites graph. Go to the online catalog for the complete and authoritative list of all courses and prerequisites.

Number Name Notes
CIS 100  Freshman Seminar (FYEX) Fall only
CIS 104 Intro to CIS
CIS 211 Computer Language Concepts
CIS 240 Introduction to Cyber Security Starts Fall 2021
CIS 287 Systems Analysis, Systems Design Fall only
CIS 301 Intro to Networking replaces CIS 234
CIS 302 Windows Programming Fall only
CIS 310 Information Security Spring only
CIS 314 Advanced Language Concepts
CIS 321 Data Structures, File Structures
CIS 331 Programming Languages Fall only
CIS 332 Web Programming I Fall only
CIS 386 Computer Organization replaces CIT 385
CIS 388 Database Management Systems
CIS 390 Operating Systems
CIS 405 Computer Graphics Spring only
CIS 418 Management Information Systems Fall only
CIS 419 Data Communication, Computer Networks Spring only
CIS 423 Server Operations, Systems Programming Fall only
CIS 431 Algorithms Fall only
CIS 433 Microprocessor Design Spring only
CIS 485 Guided Research (Capstone)
CIS 486 Network Security Fall only
CIS 487 Software Engineering Spring only
Number Name Notes
CIS 102 Computer Applications Replaced by DATA 118
CIS 206 Internet Applications
CIS 324 Intro to Artificial Intelligence See CIS 481
CIS 334 Web Programming II
CIS 361 E-Commerce
CIS 396 Internship for Credit Individual initiative
CIS 292, 392, 492 Cooperative Work Experience
CIS 372 Intro to Biometrics
CIS 395 Intro to Cryptography and Computer Security Summer only
CIS 421 Computer Architecture
CIS 434 Inter/Intra Networking
CIS 441 Automata Theory
CIS 450 Web Design Studio
CIS 455 Game Design, Game Programming
CIS 481 Topics in CIS Fall 2023 only: Machine Learning
CIS 482 Real Time Systems, Embedded Systems Design