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ChargePoint EV Chargers

The IEPS Sustainability Site is equipped with three new 6.6 kW cloud connected Schneider EVLink electric vehicle (EV) charging units. These level 2 charging units were made possible in part by generous support from Schneider Electric, who donated one of the units, and a grant from the West Virginia Division of Energy.

Dr. Groff next to one of the Sustainability Site’s EV charging units. This EVLink cloud connected dual-charging unit was donated by Schneider Electric.

The new charging units are integrated into the ChargePoint EV charging network. To use chargers within this network, you must download the free mobile device app available for both iOS and Android devices (visit for more details). The IEPS chargers are listed online and are visible from both the ChargePoint webpage and the ChargePoint app, allowing anyone within the ChargePoint network to locate them, check their status (i.e., whether-or-not they are available at that time), learn about the payment options and associated fees. Payment can be made using PayPal or a credit card via the mobile app even if you do not have a ChargePoint account. ChargePoint account holders can also access the charging stations using a ChargePoint RFID tag.

Mapview of IESP EV charging stations. Users may visit and enter the 25443 zip code to locate our chargers and view status information.

Usage Policies

No permit is required, but only plug-in hybrids and EVs are allowed to park at the IEPS EV charging spots. Vehicles must be charging to park in the spots. We are currently assessing just $0.02/minute of charging with a minimum charge of one-hour ($1.20). There is NO additional per use fee. This rate translates to about $0.18/kWh ($0.02/min x 60 min/h / 6.6kW) or around 50 miles per gallon equivalent assuming $2.50/gallon gasoline and an EV that uses about 27-30 kWh per 100 miles like the Nissan Leaf. A survey of EV charging stations in a 50 mile radius shows that we are a low cost provider for public EV charging in the area. Also, since a portion of the electricity is generated on site via clean renewable technology, EVs utilizing the site can significantly reduce their carbon footprint.