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Credit Hour Calculator

How much work should you assign students outside of the classroom? How much is too much or too little? Use this credit hour calculator to calculate just the right amount of work for students

Educational Strategies

There are many opportunities to enhance classroom learning. The way instructors teach in the classroom matters not only for student outcomes, but also for retention. Below are various teaching and learning strategies to enhance the student experience at Shepherd.

Instructional Design

Student demand for interactive, meaningful learning experiences is increasing. Learn how to update and create effective programs, courses, and course materials to meet the challenges of the post-emergency, AI infused teaching era.


What is the best modality for your course? Learn about the differences between face-to-face, online asynchronous, online synchronous, hybrid asynchronous, hybrid synchronous, and hyflex.

Online/EdTech Tools

Even if you primarly teach face-to-face, chances are you use online tools in some way to enhance learning. However, what are the best online tools to increase student engagement? Explore the list below.


Rubrics make assessment transparent. Students want to know not only how they will be assessed, but also why they earned a certain mark, and rubrics create that transparency.

Shepherd University Events/Calendars

Whether it’s professional development or student events, there are many opportunities to enhance classroom learning. Investing in these opportunities not only benefits students and the entire Shepherd University community, but also provides fantastic out of the classroom experiences that can supplement in-class learning.

Syllabus Template

Not sure what course policies to include in your syllabus or how to make it accessible? Download the following accessible Shepherd University syllabus template to save time.