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Celebrating Indigenous Heritage

blue background, top right has a yellow circle, and the bottom left has a red circle. in the center is a white rectangle. on the top left beside the rectangle there is a traditional indigenous headdress, and on the bottom right beside the rectangle there is a white dream catcher. in the center appears text that reads "celebrate indigenous people’s heritage!” and underneath is text that swipes right that reads “November first to November thirtieth”

What is Native American/Indigenous People’s Month?

For almost one hundred years, Americans both Indian and non-Indian have urged that there be permanently designated by the nation a special place on the calendar to honor the contributions, achievements, sacrifices, and cultural and historical legacy of the original inhabitants of what is now the United States and their descendants: the American Indian and Alaska Native people.

The quest for a national honoring of Native Americans began in the early 20th Century as a private effort. As far back as the late 1970s, Congress has enacted legislation and subsequent presidents have issued annual proclamations designating a day, a week or a month to celebrate and commemorate the nation’s American Indian and Alaska Native heritage. In 2009, Congress passed and the President signed legislation that established the Friday immediately following Thanksgiving Day of each year as “Native American Heritage Day.” [Source: Indian Affairs]

Terms Used for Indigenous People’s:

[Source: The National Park Service and the Council for Indigenous Relevancy, Communication, Leadership, and Excellence]

Celebrating Indigenous People’s Heritage

Some honor and celebrate Indigenous People’s Heritage Month by donating to Indigenous charities, eating food from Indigenous tribes, learning from their cultures, and honoring influential Indigenous figures who have made an impact on our society. Below are some ways you can celebrate with us!

red background, on the left is a drawing of an indigenous woman wearing a traditional dress and jewelry, and to her right is an indigenous man with tattoos and a cloth around his waist. underneath reads "influential indigenous figures" yellow background, in the center is a bowl of stew, and beneath it reads "traditional indigenous foods" blue background, in the center is a green bag of money, below it reads "donate to indigenous charities"

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