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Student Employment Manual: Break Policies

Lunch Breaks

When a student employee works a shift of five hours or less, it is at the supervisor’s discretion whether they take an unpaid meal break of 30-60 minutes. When an employee works a shift of longer than five hours, an unpaid meal break of 30-60 minutes is required, the exact timing of which is at the discretion of the supervisor.

Rest Breaks

Employees may be granted rest periods not to exceed 15 minutes per day. Break periods shall be granted at the discretion of the supervisor.  The purpose of such break periods is to provide relief from duties and absence from the workstation, offering employees the opportunity to attend to personal activities (i.e., to smoke, make personal calls, etc.).  Based upon operational needs, an employee may be required to work through a break; in such cases, the employee is not entitled to additional compensation.  Breaks are compensated work-release time and may not be used or accrued to make up work time, leave work early, or extend lunchtime, etc.

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