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BLR Training

Shepherd subscribes to Business and Legal Reports (, a service that offers a variety of desktop tutorial training programs that are available for faculty and staff.

Examples of training topics include the following:

A complete list of available topics can be found here.

Delivery of Training Programs

Training modules can be sent directly to employees so that they can complete them individually at their own computers.  When the desktop training has been completed, the system will provide a test on the material covered in the training session and then, when employees pass the test, they will get a certificate that they can print for their records. 

Requesting Training

Staff and faculty members who want to request training for themselves or for their staff members may do so by contacting Tammy Gill ( Individual employees may feel free to request training for themselves at any time. There may be times when training will be mandatory for all employees (such as training required by Federal or State law) but for the most part this training is being provided — free of charge to departments and individual employees — on a voluntary basis. Shepherd pays a flat subscription rate for this service.