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CSTEM Bio-Hazardous Waste Disposal


Clym Environmental Services, LLC is responsible for collecting, manifesting, transporting and disposing of our bio-hazardous waste. Clym also provides our bio-hazardous waste containers and red liners (non-autoclavable). Bio-hazard waste containers and liners are provided to each laboratory that generates bio-hazardous waste. Bio-hazardous waste is to be placed in the red liners of the containers. The type of waste that should be placed in the containers includes, but is not limited to:

Sharps must be placed in sharps containers. Do not throw sharps in broken glass containers. Do not overfill sharps containers and never recap needles. Full sharps containers should be closed and placed into the red liners of the bio-hazardous waste containers for disposal.

Faculty, staff and students should refrain from placing uncontaminated waste into bio-hazard containers.  Containers should not be overfilled.


Faculty may request bio-hazardous waste containers and liners from the Campus Environmental Safety Coordinator or Laboratory Technician (BY 208, ext. 5178). A limited number of sharps containers are also available upon request.

Pick-Up Information And Dates

Bio-hazardous waste is collected every fourth Monday by Clym, except on holidays. The  collection dates for the 2021-2022 academic year are as follows: 

Scheduled waste collections must be cancelled 48 hours prior to the collection date. Typically June, July and August collections dates are cancelled due to low or no generation of waste. Faculty with a need for collection during the summer months should notify the Laboratory Technician.