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Audio Visual Services

Audio/Visual is part of the Information Technology (IT) Services department located in the basement of the Scarborough Library.

Requests are to be submitted via the IT Services Work Order System via Email: Event requests require 10 business day advance notice.

Our goal is to provide quality support services associated with consultation in purchase and use of audio-visual equipment, campus delivery, enhancement of classroom facilities, operation, inventory, as well as storage and security of audio-visual equipment in support of our various instructional programs.

Do you need immediate assistance with classroom audio-visual technology equipment?

Please call: IT Services Desk at 304-876-5457

Please email any additional questions to:

Please DO NOT unplug any cables in this classroom. Doing so may damage equipment and cause problems for the next user.

NOTE: For any of the services below, please make us aware of the need at least 10 business days before it is needed.

Services Offered: