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Areas of Study

The tradition of “liberal arts” is one that emphasizes general knowledge and the development of general intellectual capacities (such as reason and judgment) along with a stronger sense of values, ethics, and civic engagement. A liberal arts education is characterized by challenging encounters with important issues that provide a broad exposure to multiple disciplines and learning strategies in addition to in-depth study in one or two academic areas. Said in a different way, the liberal arts education seeks to prepare graduates to think critically and be actively engaged in civic service.

Undergraduate Study

Undergraduate study is composed of a Core Curriculum and major and minor concentrations.

The Core Curriculum has been designed to:

It culminates in a capstone project within the major area of concentration.
90 major concentrations in 27 Bachelor Degree programs of study are available for undergraduate study.

Graduate Study

The university offers graduate study in five Master Degree programs of study and one doctoral program in Nursing Practice.