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Application to Use McMurran Hall Grounds

Coordinated activities of more than three persons are not to occur on the premises without a reservation. This policy is in place to avoid damages to the premises and to avoid disruption of enjoyment of the grounds by all individuals in the community. Reservations of the premises by external persons or entities are not favored and generally will not be provided. The University will entertain requests for a reservation to use the premises when the purpose of the event has a direct connection to the historic character of McMurran Hall and where the event is not likely to cause damage to the premises. To diminish risk of damage to the premises, any such reservation will also be restricted to events in which square footage impact of the event on the grass and the visual impact on the view-shed of McMurran Hall from German Street are limited.

Background Information- Please Read

Due to the significant part McMurran Hall has played in the Town and University’s history, the University and the building’s Trustees put a special emphasis on preserving the historic nature of the property. The grounds are intended to be generally left as an open, unprogrammed, space which can be enjoyed by individuals. Thus providing serenity for the eyes and the ears from the activity of life and commerce of the town.

The University makes periodic use of the premises for University functions. Occasionally the University partners with the Corporation of Shepherdstown in hosting an event on the premises. Generally, events that have received permission from the Corporation of Shepherdstown to close German Street (ex. for a town parade) are usually approved. Any university use of or partnership in cosponsoring an event on the premises must be approved by the Vice President of Student Affairs and/or their designee(s). Reservations of the premises for other persons/entities are not favored, except as provided for herein.

When the premises are not in use for an approved event, the premises are open to individuals of the public for the purposes described above. Individual use of the premises may not include:

Reservations of Outside Space Polices/Procedures

Reservations by Non-Campus Groups or by Campus Groups seeking an event which does not qualify as a Simple Event are subject to the following rules:
Policy Generally Applicable as to All Persons Attending Events

Please complete the following application and terms of agreement.

Approvals provided for the use of McMurran Hall Grounds are date specific. All sponsors of annual events must submit a new application each year.

Type of Event
I agree that the information submitted for application is accurate and is a complete description of the event to be held on the grounds of McMurran Hall. I furthermore agree to adhere to the policies/procedures stated above. (Required)
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