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Appalachian Writers Guild

Appalachian Writers Guild
Editorial and Structural Framework for Anthology of Appalachian Writers

Membership: Membership in the Guild is by invitation and includes writers associated with, in some respect, or living in the region labeled as “Appalachia” (a term liberally interpreted).

Function of the Guild: The guild should function in two respects: 1) to permit a forum for writers to discuss their own work and the work of others; 2) to participate in the editing process of an annual anthology that features the poetry and fiction of Appalachian writers. The guild is a self-determining group of writers associated by common region and/or interests.

Appalachian Writers Guild Chair or “Lead” Editor: A chair or “lead” editor will be selected for a three-year term, elected by guild members. The chair, however, may succeed her/himself, as long as the guild is agreeable. The task of the Guild Chair or “Lead” Editor will be to coordinate the guild members, maintain a membership list, and facilitate its functioning in a viable and fruitful fashion.

Review Process: The following will constitute an editorial process for the production and publication of an anthology (see Anthology of Appalachian Writers Structure and Organization), made possible through the financial support of the Shepherd University Foundation and the WV Center for the Book:

1) The guild may participate in the editorial process for the Anthology of Appalachian Writers for as long as the group remains active and fulfills its part in the editorial process. 2) To facilitate a smooth and efficient editorial process, an anthology website will function as a working forum for discussion and editing of literature selected for the anthology. The website will contain a discussion forum, as well as links to those stories and poems under serious consideration. 3) Guild reviewers will work within the confines of the anthology time-line and editorial structure established by the anthology editors and editorial advisor, the Appalachian Heritage Writer-in-Residence and recipient of the Appalachian Heritage Writers Award. 4) One member of the guild will sit on the editorial staff, a position that is not necessarily limited to a three-year term. 5) As all submissions are “blind,” any guild member may submit an original, unpublished work for consideration in the anthology.

Time-line for Anthology Production:
*May 15: Calls for Submission
*October 1: Deadline for Submissions
November 1: Deadline for AWG Reviewers’ Input
December 1: Editorial Decisions Completed and Releases Mailed to Authors and Photographers
January 15: Deadline for Senior Editorial and Senior Advisory Input; Proofs Email to Authors
February 15: Copy Ready Draft Completed for Printer
March 15: Publisher Finishes First Run, Distribution to Writers
October 1: Official Public Release and Book Signings at AHWIR Event