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Dr. Amy L. DeWitt


Associate Professor of Sociology

Ph.D., University of North Texas, 2005

Dr. DeWitt joined the Department of Sociology and Geography in the fall of 2008.  She has taught a variety of courses, including Family, Research Methods, Ethnic Relations, Demography, Social Problems, Sociology of Education, and General Sociology. She also team-teaches within the Women’s Studies program.

Dr. DeWitt’s interests are primarily rooted in gender portrayals, particularly in children’s media. She is completing a Master’s in College Student Development and Administration, and she possesses a Master’s in Educational Administration and Supervision; this coursework has inspired new areas of interest in student success. Having traveled extensively and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Poland, Dr. DeWitt has a strong interest in cultural studies and cross-cultural adaptation.

Curriculum Vita


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