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Alumnus Dr. James Cherry ’96 visits campus to deliver lectures

Dr. Jim Cherry ’96 speaks to students about the National Cancer Institute.

Shepherd alumnus Dr. James Cherry ’96, scientific program director for the Office of Scientific Operations at the National Cancer Institute, visited campus on September 29. He delivered a lecture to biology students in the Genetics, Molecular Biology, and Principles of Research classes titled “The NCI at Frederick: Bench to Bedside­—Accelerating Progress against Cancer and AIDS” and delivered a talk open to the entire campus community during the afternoon in the Robert C. Byrd Center for Science and Technology, discussing his journey in science and the many opportunities available at the NCI in nearby Frederick, titled “Overview of the NCI: Educational and internship opportunities.”

After receiving his bachelor’s degree in biology at Shepherd, Dr. Cherry earned a master’s degree in biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University and a Ph.D. in microbiology from Catholic University of America.