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Alternative Spring Break

Alternative Spring BreakĀ (ASB)

Alternative Spring Break is an annual initiative for students to engage in a week-long service program! If you, or any peer, student, or group would be interested in participating please reach out to

Learning Outcomes

After participating in the Alternative Spring Break Program, students who are successful will be able to:

    1. Advocate for social change through service;
    2. Apply leadership skills to analyze the impacts of poverty, specifically in Appalachia;
    3. Conceptualize the importance of active citizenship through serving communities different than the students own community;
    4. Develop both passive and active leadership skills that can be applied to academic, social, and personal life situations.

Past Fundraisers

2/4/24 Yard Sale! This event will be held at the Shepherdstown Community Club at 102 E German Street from 9AM-1PM on the second floor.

2/20/24 Spirit Night at King’s Pizza in Shepherdstown! Mention ASB at checkout and a portion of your meal costs will be donated to Alterative Spring Break.

2/1/2024-2/20/2024 T-Shirt Sales! Place a t-shirt order using this webpage and a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Alternative Spring Break.

Help support us with a monetary donation!