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Welcome to Shepherd University’s accreditation homepage!

Shepherd University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, one of the six regional agencies that accredit U.S. colleges and universities at the institutional level. Shepherd University last hosted a site team visit for a reaffirmation of accreditation visit on March 7-8, 2016.  Shepherd University met all five criteria for accreditation.  Using evidence-based data and data-driven results and continuous improvement outcomes from the university’s planning documents, Shepherd University’s Assurance Argument demonstrated how it complies with the standards of excellence set by the Higher Learning Commission in its criteria for accreditation.   As it moves forward for the 2012-2022 cycle, Shepherd University is part of the Commission’s  Standard Pathway process for Reaffirmation of Accreditation.


Introduction to Pathways (from the HLC Website)

Regional accreditation assures quality by verifying that an institution (1) meets threshold standards and (2) is engaged in continuous improvement. Both the Standard and Open Pathway feature: a ten-year cycle, a focus on both assurance and improvement, Assurance Reviews in Years 4 and 10, and the use of the HLC electronic Assurance System. All Commission Pathways require: annual filing of the Institutional Update, annual monitoring of financial and non-financial indicators, and adherence to Commission policies and practices on institutional change.

The results from the Shepherd University Site Team Report, 2016 and the Pathways Criteria for Accreditation will allow Shepherd to reflect on planning for current and future strategic priorities through continuous growth, improvement and development.                                                                                              

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Higher Learning Commission (HLC)

Shepherd University has been accredited since 1950 by the Higher Learning Commission, one of the six regional agencies that accredit U.S. colleges and universities at the institutional level. Accreditation provides assurance to the public and to prospective students that standards of quality have been met.

Thank you for being a part of the process!

Dr. Scott Beard,

HLC Institutional Liaison & Associate Provost for Academic Affairs