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Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Nicholas Chapman

Nicholas Chapman – Class of 2022 – Shepherd’s accounting program is rigorous in its coursework and prepares students with the skills they need to succeed in the many paths the profession offers. Not only do you gain a wide breadth of knowledge in business and accounting concepts, but you apply them in scenarios that mirror those actually being encountered on the job. My education obtained from Shepherd’s accounting program helped pave the way to a career in accounting and conquering the CPA exam.   Nick won the Merit Award from the West Virginia Society of CPAsRead more.

Jenna Marple – Class of 2022 – I will never regret receiving my accounting degree from Shepherd University. As a student in the program, I was given all the tools necessary to achieve a career in accounting. While the program is rigorous, I am confident that I will excel among my peers because of the education I received. The program also allows you to sit for the CPA exam upon graduation. This may be harder to achieve if you go through an accounting program at another institution. The professors in the program not only give you the knowledge to succeed, but also many opportunities for real world experiences. Students are constantly sent job offers and can attend events to network with employers. While in the program, I also acted as an officer for the Accounting Club. The Accounting Club is constantly looking for ways to give students opportunities. Some events the Club hosts include meet the firms, professional guest speakers, CPA Exam Review presentations, and an annual alumni dinner. The opportunities are never ending with this program. After graduation, I was able to complete an internship for a public accounting firm and get accepted into the master’s program at WVU for Fraud and Forensic Examination. Going into graduate school, I already have a job offer for a public accounting firm after I graduate. I will always be thankful for this program and all it offers.

Josh Polce – Class of 2022 –  The Shepherd University Accounting program provides students with a variety of courses and a rigorous workload to prepare them for work in the accounting profession. Entering college as a business administration major, the growing industry and lucrative career paths drew me to accounting. The courses offer in-depth material on a variety of accounting topics. While intensive, you will leave with a fundamental understanding of tax, audit, and many more financial accounting concepts. The professors encourage in-class participation and are always eager to answer questions. The faculty continually goes above and beyond to connect students with potential employers. I was able to complete two internships during my time at Shepherd, one in tax and one in audit. Both of these opportunities were made possible by the accounting department. In the fall, I will be attending the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School to continue my education. I am confident that my time in the accounting program has helped to prepare me for my academic and professional endeavors that lie ahead.

Mason Steeley, CPA – Class of 2021  – Shepherd University’s accounting program has many opportunities to offer. The engaging professors and varied learning experiences helped me develop the necessary skills to excel in the classroom and prepare me for a successful graduation. With fewer students in many accounting classes, I felt comfortable interacting and asking questions. I participated in several group projects, and I learned how to effectively work with a team of peers. With a focus on learning and applying concepts, rather than simply memorizing material for tests, I received real-world accounting experience offered through the accounting department. Alongside other classmates and the professor, I spent several hours each week, during tax season, meeting with clients and preparing their tax returns. I also had the opportunity to work in a summer internship program for a public accounting firm, learning multiple types of audit and tax procedures. Now, I enter my senior year with a job offer in hand. That said, I am confident that the accounting program has equipped me with the necessary tools to start a successful career.

Tunde Eletu – Class of 2020  –  I have been a Shepherd University Accounting Club (SUAC) member since 2018 and have served as Vice President and now Social Media Director. Some of the programs that attracted me to the club are: (1) Meet The Firms (MTF) – Club members get the chance to meet and interact with corporate professionals and learn about the corporate structure and career opportunities within their majors. (2) Alumni Dinner – Yearly spring program dedicated to alumni to share their experiences with students. (3) Field trips to local firms and game nights – To learn first-hand about local firms and game days/nights to celebrate. (4) Community Service – This is one of my best activity with the chance to give back to the community. I am proud to be a member and I will strongly recommend the Club to any accounting or business major student. The information and knowledge acquired will be a Valuable Asset on your resume. 

Kylie Kershner – Class of 2021 – As a student in the accounting program at Shepherd University, I have been introduced to many different opportunities. The accounting program is constantly sending out different internship opportunities for us to check out, along with some of them being full-time job offers. Not only do they send opportunities to our email, but they set up different “meet the firm” events through the Accounting Club, which helps you create connections with different firms within the workforce!  Thanks to hearing about the different opportunities, I participated in an internship over summer, and thankfully now have a job waiting for me when I graduate. It is extremely nice knowing that I have a job when I graduate because it gives me a sense of security! It was also mentioned at my internship that Shepherd has a great accounting program, and they know whomever graduates with an accounting degree from Shepherd has a great foundation of accounting.  

Emily Routzahn – Class of 2021 – It is safe to say that the accounting program at Shepherd University has changed my life for the better. Starting out in my freshman year of college, I was not too sure about what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be. Thankfully, my path led me to the accounting department. The department offers several opportunities during the year to ensure your success in the future! The unique opportunity that helped me the most was the yearly Meet the Firms event, hosted by the Accounting Club. From this event, I was able to secure internships from two different public accounting firms, where I was able to expand my knowledge beyond the classroom. Now after graduation, I am able to choose where I want to work rather than having to settle for a job that I could have been unhappy with. Further, I am beyond grateful for the professors in this department because they work hard and truly care about your well-being and success. These professors have taught me everything I know in three short years, and I believe my foundation from Shepherd will be instrumental as I begin my career. Although this major can be quite the challenge, it is well worth it. If you enjoy connecting with people and helping them financially, this is the major for you!

Justin Collins, CPA – Class of 2020 – My time in Shepherd University’s Accounting program provided me with the education and opportunities to begin my career as an accounting professional. Before teaching at Shepherd, each of my professors came from different fields of accounting, allowing them to apply professional experiences to their lessons. That was a great help to me when I was deciding which of the many accounting fields interested me the most. And when I narrowed down my options, the professional development and networking opportunities organized by the Accounting Club gave me access to a wide range of employers looking for student interns and soon-to-be graduates. I secured several internships through these connections, which allowed me to try each field I found interesting and led to accepting a full-time job offer from one of those employers after my graduation. While pursuing these internships, and more recently a master’s degree, I learned that Shepherd’s Accounting students are highly regarded by employers and by accounting programs at many other universities. This is in large part due to how well Shepherd students are prepared for the CPA exam, an important credential for every field of accounting. While I studied at Shepherd I had the benefit of learning from instructors who were genuinely invested in my future success, and it was not until I graduated that I knew how uniquely advantageous my time at Shepherd had been.

Daniel B. Sweeney, CPA – Class of 2017 – My time at Shepherd University provided me the foundation I needed to start my career. The Accounting Program taught me the fundamentals of the profession and touched on every subject that I would later see on the CPA exam and in my job as a staff accountant. Not only that, but the subject matter also included many other general business topics, which created a well-rounded academic experience.  The key component of the program is its focus on establishing a student’s career. Professors motivate their students to reach out to working professionals, build relationships, and obtain internships. Organizations like the Shepherd University Accounting Club work to create a bridge between students, alumni, and accountants from all around the region. Through Shepherd and the Club, I was able to obtain both internships and permanent employment, and I have no doubt that I have Shepherd to thank for my success.