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Wi-Fi set-up instructions for Windows 7

This page is for configuring computers running Windows 7 to connect to our Wi-Fi network.

Before you begin:
The instructions assume a standard Windows 7 installation. If you have customized your settings, your computer may look different.

Configuration steps for Windows 7 are as follow:

    1. Click on Start. Select Connect To.
    1. Click on Set up a connection or network.
    1. Select Manually connect to a wireless network. Click on Next.
    1. Type in registration for the Network name.
      Select WPA2-Enterprise using the drop down menu for the Security type.
      Select AES using the drop down menu for Encryption type.
      Click on Next.
    1. Click on Change connection settings.
    1. Click on the Security tab and click on the Settings button next to Protected EAP (PEAP).
    1. Uncheck the box labeled Validate server certificate. Click on Configure next to Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2).
  1. Uncheck the box Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any). Click OK.
  2. Click OK in the Protected EAP Properties window.
  3. Click OK in the Wireless network properties window.
  4. Click on the Advanced settings button.
  5. Checkmark the Specify authentication mode on the 802.1X settings tab.
  6. In the drop down box beneath the authentication mode, select User authentication.
  7. Click on the Enter Credentials button.
  8. Enter your Shepherd Username and Password in the appropriate boxes.
  9. Click on the OK button to close the dialog box.
  10. Click Close in the Manually connect to a wireless network window.
    Stop here if you are not in a campus wireless area.
  11. Now, when your computer is in range of the Shepherd University network, you may will see
    the balloon shown below pop up from the system tray. Click in the balloon.
  12. If the Enter Credentials box appears, enter your Shepherd User name and password that you use for Sakai. Leave the Logon domain box blank. Click OK.
  13. Place the cursor over the Network Connection icon in the system tray (bottom right corner). A balloon will pop up verifying you have connected to the registration wireless network.

The first time you access the internet after configuring your laptop for wireless, you will get the Shepherd University Network Security page. If you do, type into the address line of your web browser. Read the page and follow the directions. Once you have followed the directions on that page you will be able to access the internet.

You must have an anti-virus product installed on your computer in order to use the wireless network. If you do not have an anti-virus product already, Microsoft corporation has a free version of their product. It is located at Microsoft Security Essentials

If you have any problems with this guide, please contact the IT Services Desk at 304-876-5457 or send an email to to create a ticket in our work order system.