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56th McMurran Convocation honors student scholars

McMurran Scholars honored in April are front row (l. to r.) Chelsea Park-Brouse, Emily S. Ciaccio, Matthew Jefferson, Allison Staubs, Shelby Shajimon, Jasmin Tharakan, Katie Clark, Ashley Rohrer, and Courtney Glassock, middle row, Heidi Macaluso, Amberle Kijewski, Grace Guiney, Samuel Bower, Shruthi Sreekumar, Molly Lovern, Stephanie Suprock, Nicholas Barmoy, Paige Palmer, and Daniel Bryson, and back row, Mitchel Brown, Daniel Testa, Adam Hull, Marshall Hoffmaster, Austin Sussman, Jeffrey Judd, and Tess Hyre.

The McMurran Scholar award is the highest academic honor granted by Shepherd University. McMurran Scholars must complete a minimum of 92 semester hours, maintain a minimum 3.86 grade point average, complete two consecutive semesters of study at Shepherd, be nominated by at least three faculty members, and be approved by the entire Shepherd University faculty.

The 2017 McMurran Scholars are:
Nicholas M. Barmoy
Samuel E. Bower
Michael A. Brown
Daniel S. Bryson
Emily S. Ciaccio
Katie L. Clark
Courtney L. Glascock
Grace M. Guiney
Marshall A. Hoffmaster
Adam K. Hull
Tess N. Hyre
Matthew C. Jefferson
Jeffrey A. Judd
Amberle L. Kijewski
Molly E. Lovern
Heidi A. Macaluso
Paige K. Palmer
Chelsea N. Park-Brouse
Matthew D. Pryor
Ashley R. Rohrer
Shelby Shajimon
Kelsey V. Shaw
Shruthi Sreekumar
Allison L. Staubs
Stephanie M. Suprock
Austin D. Susman
Daniel Testa
Jasmin Tharakan

Dr. Anders Henriksson, professor emeritus of history, delivered the “Last Lecture” to the McMurran Scholars during the convocation.