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Stand Up Don’t Stand By! Bystander Intervention



Stand Up Don’t Stand By!

“Stand Up, Don’t Stand By” is Shepherd’s homegrown Bystander Intervention Program that encourages all members of the campus community to take action. If you see something, say something! Your action to take a stand can positively impact the
lives of those in our community.

The 3D’s

Rams can use the 3D’s to remember helpful techniques of how they can be an effective bystander.  Remember, an effective bystander is just another way to say ally!

Direct: Call it like you see it! Directly intervene to stop a situation or check in with a person directly to see if they need help.

Distract: Create a diversion to interrupt the situation. A slight interruption can change the course of events. ( “I think your car is being towed!”)

Delegate: Ask someone for help. Someone with more authority to address the situation may be able to intervene in a way that is safer or more effective.

Other Ways you Can Help

  • Work to create an environment where sexual misconduct is unacceptable
  • Educate yourself
  • Treat people with respect
  • Empower others to tell their stories
  • Speak up when you hear degrading language or victim blaming
  • Understand what consent is
  • Attend awareness events (Check out our Social Justice Project Rampulse Page and Social Media to stay up to date)