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The Bonnie and Bill Stubblefield Institute for Civil Political Communications

The Bonnie and Bill Stubblefield Institute for Civil Political Communications officially opened its doors on July 1, 2019, with offices in the beautiful Frank Center on the campus of Shepherd University.

Made possible by a generous gift by Drs. Bonnie and Bill Stubblefield, the mission of the Stubblefield Institute is to serve as an active center for the study and promotion of civil political discourse.

Upon the opening of the Institute, Shepherd University President Mary J.C. Hendrix noted, “How we, as citizens persuade, advocate, and converse with one another across competing opinions, is of utmost importance to the future health of our democracy. As citizens and voters, we need to address our divisions and learn how to talk to each other again in a civil manner.”

At all times, the Stubblefield Institute seeks to promote greater public awareness of how authentic and factual civil discourse across partisan divides leads to more productive debate and understanding.

In the classroom, the Institute also seeks to train the next generation of political, media, and public policy communications professionals who will one day be on the front lines of message development and delivery.  Shepherd now offers undergraduates a degree in political science with a communications concentration. This effort is led by Shepherd University’s world-class faculty from both the political science and communications departments.

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Located in the Frank Center, Suite 117 and 120

Direct Line: 304-876-5005

Civility and Civic Engagement Survey Report

Read the results of the “Civility and Civic Engagement Survey” conducted by Stubblefield Institute Senior Fellow for Research Dr. Stephanie A. Slocum-Schaffer here:

Civility and Civic Engagement Research and Data Report

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