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Educator Preparation Program Council

The Educator Preparation Program Council is the body that is responsible for teacher education at Shepherd University. The Educator Preparation Program Council (EPPC) is chaired by the Coordinator of the Educator Preparation Program and Accreditation/Compliance [CEPAC] and is composed of the specialization coordinators from each specialization, all members of the School of Education, and a minimum of two elected teacher candidates. In this way, the EPPC exemplifies how faculty from the Arts, Humanities, and Sciences share responsibility and authority with the faculty from the School of Education in determining what is important in educator preparation across the various specialties. Through monthly meetings, the EPPC administers, coordinates, evaluates, monitors, reviews, and revises the Educator Preparation Program at Shepherd University. The EPPC has the responsibility to ensure that all specializations are conducted in a manner that is consistent with the stated and shared philosophy, theme, and objectives of the educator preparation program.


Dr. Karen Adams, Assistant Professor, Mathematics; Secondary Specialization Coordinator, Mathematics Education

Dr. Jason Allen, Assistant Professor, Education; Specialization Coordinator, Social Studies

Mrs. Helen Baker, Field Placement Coordinator, Education

Dr. Denis Berenschot, Associate Professor, Spanish; Secondary Specialization Coordinator, Spanish Education

Dr. Dawne Burke, Professor, Education

Dr. Tauna Cole, Professor, Education

Dr. Ruth Conley, Associate Professor, Biology; Secondary Specialization Coordinator, Biology, Chemistry, General Science Education

Dr. Rhonda Hovatter, Associate Professor, Physical Education

Dr. LeAnn Johnson, Professor, Education; Coordinator of Master of Arts in Teaching

Ms. Terresa Kepner, Coordinator of Education Preparation Program and Accreditation/Compliance, Chair of the Educator Preparation Program Council

Mr. David Modler, Assistant Professor, Art; Secondary Specialization Coordinator, Art Education

Dr. Belinda Mitchell, Director of School of Education; Associate Professor, Education; Coordinator of Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Tracy Nichols, Assistant Professor, Education; Specialization Coordinator, Elementary Education

Dr. Austin Showen, Assistant Professor, Music Education; Secondary Specialization Coordinator, Music Education

Ms. Peggy Swisher, Certification Analyst, Education

Dr. Julia Tracy, Assistant Professor, Physical Education; Secondary Specialization Coordinator, Physical Education

Dr. James B. Tuttle, Associate Professor, Education, Secondary Specialization Coordinator, English Education


The Educator Preparation Program [EPP] relies on capable and committed part-time faculty members to supplement the work of the full-time faculty. Adjunct faculty are made aware of the EPP’s philosophy and theme and its implications for teaching and supervision. This is to ensure that our program objectives are consistently addressed in all phases of the educator preparation experience at Shepherd University.