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Shepherd’s Copyright Policies and Procedures

To encourage students to use legal methods for acquiring copyrighted materials, Shepherd University has implemented the following policies and procedures:

– Copyright infringement and other illegal activities are prohibited under the Acceptable Usage Policy. Violation could result in disciplinary action through the student judicial system, or through the methods described in the Faculty Handbook or Staff Handbook (as appropriate).

– Periodically, we review a summary of the highest bandwidth users. Users with machines that are infected or who have engaged in suspected infringement activities have their network access revoked until their machines can be cleaned of infections. Suspected copyright violators must discuss their activities with the IT Services director before network access is restored.

– Students with machines that fail our network registration process may bring them in to be cleaned, at no cost. Malicious software (often embedded in and delivered with peer-to-peer file sharing software) is also removed. Removal of peer-to-peer software used for copyright infringement is encouraged for all, and required of those whose network access has been revoked for suspected copyright infringement.

– Access to specific types (network ports) of Internet traffic is blocked by default, and open when necessary (e.g., for web, IM, gaming, etc.). Besides reducing the load placed on our network by peer-to-peer traffic, this also reduces the distribution of malicious software. Students and others needing specific ports opened up for legal academic or recreational purposes may request this of IT Services. (For example, playing a massively multi-user online role playing game, but not for downloading the latest action movie before it’s released on DVD.)

You can view a complete and detailed list of guidelines and procedures via the Policies and Procedures link on our website.

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