Job Posting: Information about an entry level position at Docilette Consulting Services has been posted. Check it out here!


Job Posting: Information about 3 Co-op opportunities have been added. Check it out here!


Job Posting: Information about the NASA Pathways internship has been posted. Check it out here!


Job Posting: Two new jobs have been posted for IBM. Check them out here!


NASA Fellowship: Applications for the NASA Undergraduate Affiliate Fellowship Program are open. Students have until September 22nd, 2014 to apply! Click here for more information and to apply!


Profs. Qing Wang and Zhijun Wang were awarded $627,010 S-STEM Grant from NSF. Another scholarship opportunity for our students! Please click here for more details.


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Welcome to CME

We offer a variety of degree options including B.S. in Computer Engineering, B.S. in Mathematics, B.S. in Computer and Information Sciences, and B.S. in Computer Information Technology.


We are confident that our programs and the flexibility that we offer in many different technical areas will spark high demand from employers all across the United States.


Mission Statements

To enhance the education of students by instilling in them the love and excitement of the mathematical, computer, and engineering sciences and their applications.


To prepare students for employment and productive careers.


To promote lifelong learning and provide students with the expertise and knowledge to continue their education at the graduate level.