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* Graduate Studies Online Interactive Application


*Note make sure you download Adobe XI (11.0.02) of Adobe Reader to fill in the form:





(please read carefully)
Admission to graduate study at Shepherd University is handled on a rolling basis. Students are eligible to register for courses once their applications have been processed and they have been accepted. Applications are considered complete when this form, the application fee, and all supporting materials are on file with the Office of Graduate Admissions. Please feel free to contact the Office of Graduate Admissions in order to make sure that your application is complete.


The Office of Graduate Admissions will notify you of your admission status on a rolling basis.


General Application Procedures
Please follow the steps listed below in completing this application form:
1. This application is required of all degree-seeking students, regardless of whether you are interested in part-time or full-time studies.
2. A non-refundable application fee of $40 is required before the application can be processed. A $60 non-refundable application fee is required for application to the MAT degree. A check or money order, payable to "Shepherd University," should be sent with this application form to the Office of Graduate Admissions.
3. Please read carefully the statement at the bottom of this page which relates to the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA).
4. All applicants for the Curriculum and Instruction Program must be certified teachers and must provide documentation of certification with the application.


Admission Requirements
Applicants for admission to full graduate status at Shepherd University must have earned a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education with a minimum college grade point average of 2.75. Students who do not meet these standards may, at the discretion of the Graduate Coordinator, be admitted on a provisional basis.


Individual programs also have the following requirements:


Master of Arts in College Student Development and Administration:


1. Entrants must have completed a bachelor's degree with either


* a 2.75 in all undergraduate coursework OR


* 440 Verbal and 560 Quantitative (if taken prior to August 1, 2011) and 149 Verbal and 146 Quantitative (if taken on or after August 1, 2011) on General Record Exam or 390 on Millers Analogies Test.


Provisional status may be granted to applicants who do not meet GPA or exam requirements.


2. CSDA students must complete one essay question: What do you hope to do with a Master's in College Student Development and Administration?


3. Writing Sample: 5-7 pages of a previously written research paper OR submit a 5-7 page research paper discussing a current trend in higher education.


4. Reference letter from a faculty member answering the following question: How is this student prepared for the rigor of graduate school, specifically addressing oral and written communication skills? (Optional)


Deadline for fall applicants seeking to participate in assistantship interview process: February 15


Deadline for fall applicants not interested in assistantship interviews: July 31


Deadline for spring applicants November 15


Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT):


Passing score on Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Test, Math, Reading, and Writing with completion of at least 50% of undergraduate coursework required for certification in the chosen area with a grade of C or better in all classes. See


Passing score on Praxis II content specialization test for the content area in which applicant will seek certification with completion of at least 25% of all undergraduate coursework required for certification in the chosen area with a grade of C or better in all classes.


The lowest GPA accepted for the MAT program under any circumstances is 2.50. Any applicant with a GPA below 2.75 must submit a score of 149 or higher on the verbal and 146 or higher on the quantitative sections of the GRE* or a score of 390 or higher on the Miller Analogies Test.


Completion of ENGL 101, ENGL 102, and COMM 202 with a grade of C or above in each course.


Students applying to the MAT program should remit an additional $20 non-refundable transcript analysis fee in addition to the $40 application fee for a total of $60.


Master of Business Administration:


* An undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or higher


* OR for students with less than a 2.75 GPA, one of the following standardized tests:


Graduate Record Exam (GRE):
440 Verbal and 560 Quantitative (if taken prior to August 1, 2011) and 149 Verbal and 146 Quantitative (if taken on or after August 1, 2011)


Miller Analogy Test (MAT): 390


Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT): 400


Business Major Field Test (MFAT): a score of 153 (51st Percentile)


Additionally, all students must also submit the following:


* Two Letters of Recommendation


* A resume


* A letter of intent that describes the how the student envisions using the MBA degree to enhance their personal and career goals.


Transfer of Previous Graduate Credit
Graduate courses from other institutions or other Shepherd University graduate programs will be evaluated, at the time of admission, by the dean and/or the coordinator of the program to which the applicant is applying, or the department chair in which the course is offered.
    • Up to nine credit hours may be transferred to a Shepherd graduate program from another institution or program, either prior to starting the program or during the program, at the discretion of the program coordinator in consultation with the department chair and the dean. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis by the dean if it would inappropriately prolong the graduation of a student.
    • Courses transferred to a Shepherd graduate program must have a minimum grade of "B," and must have been taken within seven years based on the date of admission to the degree program (see sunset clause).



*Required scores for GRE prior to 8/11 are 440 on verbal and 560 on quantitative sections.



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