Gettysburg College
27th Annual
Central Pennsylvania Consortium
Astronomy Meeting
Saturday, April 21, 2007, Masters Hall
Schedule of Events

Morning Sessions

Afternoon Sessions


Registration begins
First floor lobby


Catrina Hamilton, Dickinson College
Resolving an Accretion Flow:
α Line Profiles of KH 15D


Jackie Milingo, Gettysburg College
and Introduction to the Meeting


Harold Geller, George Mason University
The Planning, Payoffs, and Pitfalls
of an Astronomy Observatory


Elizabeth Praton, Franklin & Marshall College
A Group Activity for Teaching Mayan Astronomy


Kristin Jekielek, Dickinson College
Fast Rotators in NGC 2363


Jithin George, Gettysburg College
Detection of Variable Stars
in M67 and Tombaugh 2


Coffee Break


Carlson Chambliss, Kutztown University
The New Status of Pluto:
The Decision in Prague


Fronefield Crawford, Franklin & Marschall College
Transient Radio Pulses and Bursts
from Compact Objects


Coffee Break and Poster Presentations**


Donald Simanek, Lock Haven University
The Koreshan Cosmogony -
Turning the Universe Inside-Out


Keynote Address:
Richard Henry, University of Oklahoma
Probing Chemical Evolution in the Early Universe
with Damped Lyman Alpha Systems


Optional tour of Gettysburg College Observatory

**Poster Presentations

Initial Projects of the New Shepherd University Observatory
Jason Best, Andrea Changuris, Justin Ellis, Tara Roberts, Travis Smith and Elijah Tice, Shepherd University

Relationship Between the Radio Bursts from the Sun and Terrestrial Ionospheric Propagation
Mary Lou West, Montclair State University

Diffuse X-rays in NGC 2024
Chris Irwin and Marc Gagn, West Chester University

Hydrodynamical Modeling of Accretion Disks and Supernova Explosions
Matthew Schumacher, Michael Palmer and Sean Hendrick, Millersville University

The Atomic Gas Distribution in the Milky Way from HI Observations
Daniel Katz, Austin Kathol, Chet Maleszewski and Austin Ziltz, Bucknell University

Optical Spectroscopy from a Small College Observatory
Beau Blumberg, George Leming and Jason Maron, Bucknell University

An Automated Technique for Measuring Atmospheric Extinction Using All-Sky Camera Images
Chris Belmonte, Jacob Krizan and Sean McKie, Bucknell University

Dying Stars and the Birth of the Elements: a Laboratory Exercise from Project CLEA
Larry Marschall, Glenn Snyder, Dick Cooper, Gettysburg College
Phil Plait, Lynn Cominsky, Tim Graves and Sarah Silva
XMM-Newton Education and Public Outreach, Sonoma State University

Probing Nucleosynthesis in Intermediate Mass Stars via Planetary Nebulae Abundances
J.B. Milingo, Gettysburg College/MMO, J.K. Teske, American University/MMO
R.B.C. Henry, University of Oklahoma, K.B. Kwitter, S.P. Souza, Williams College