Shepherd University, a university on the move!

Over the holiday break, I was in North Carolina visiting my grandmother who turns 96 on January 16. Spending time with her reminded me of some of the life lessons she taught me over the years. One in particular was her saying that "change is good as long as you are moving forward. If you stop moving forward, you stop learning and growing." I believe in part, that is why I have found a job in higher education to be so exhilarating.

In 2012, we watched as well-respected colleagues with whom we have worked for many years left the Shepherd family. But that's good news, because it meant we had graduated more than 700 students, all of whom impacted us as much as we impacted them. Looking forward, as my grandmother taught me, I am excited by the new faculty and staff talent that is moving into 2013 with us. I know our new Shepherd University talent will continue to positively impact our students. I am proud of our graduates and new alums who will be making their imprint on the world.

Additionally, we made great strides toward student, faculty, and staff safety by eliminating the Route 480 crosswalk that had existed for more than 40 years. I am thrilled that our students, faculty, and staff will have this passageway, erasing the dividing line of the highway between east to west campuses.

I am optimistic about 2013 and Shepherd's future! There will be challenges that we must face, but I am confident that Shepherd will continue to thrive. Our past lessons will assist us in moving forward so that we may continue to grow and learn. So many folks are watching.

Community members say they admire our ability to navigate the present while investing for the future. Shepherd is fortunate to have great leadership, dedicated faculty and staff, active alumni, and our community's support. These are the keys to our continued success.

The year ahead will provide us with many accomplishments that will continue to attract motivated faculty, staff, and students. Like my soon-to-be 96 year old grandmother, Shepherd does not stand still! We understand that change is good, as we continue to learn and grow.

Happy New Year and let's keep moving!

Kimberly Scranage
Vice President for Enrollment Management


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