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Washington Gateway at Shepherd University

Gateway Courses

Washington Gateway courses provide students and faculty with the opportunity to experience, first-hand, places and events that relate to their classes. Class travel is a vital part of Gateway and is incorporated into the course syllabus. Gateway course proposals can either be introduced as a special topic course or as a current course offering that is modified to include Gateway travel (at least 10 percent of class contact hours).

What Students Have Said About Past Gateway Courses:

“The traveling aspect really ‘sticks’ in the student’s head. It’s nice and productive to see firms and shows dealing with graphic design.” (Graphic design student, Pro Workshop)

“I loved this class. It has greatly influenced my academic experience and personal growth.”(English major, Arts & Literature class)

“For freshman coming to college, advisors should recommend them to take Gateway courses, because it allows them to understand politics and their fellow students better.” (Freshmen, American Federal Government)

Previous Gateway Courses


American Federal Government


The Art of Political Speech Writing




African Art


Woman in the Arts and Literature



Congress-Legislation in Action



Music Appreciation