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Adverse Weather Plan

With the change in weather, everyone seems to be looking forward to seeing some snow. Then, it dawns on us that there will be some challenges when it does snow. Plowing, shoveling, treating for ice and so on.

We, in Facilities, would like to let the campus community know what our normal response to a snow event consists of so everyone can know what to expect. We address snow removal with priorities to effectively address each area of campus. These are established with consideration for safety and main traffic avenues as the first priority. Priorities are:

1. Maintaining the main access roads and areas for emergency vehicle response.
2. Sidewalks between Residence Halls and the Dining Hall including handicap access.
3. Parking lots that are designated for commuter and staff parking.
4. Side-walks to the main entrances of all academic buildings followed by secondary entrances and exits.
5. Secondary roads and sidewalks.
6. All other areas.

Facilities will monitor the weather and respond as conditions require. As you can imagine, it is difficult to plan with precision what a snow event will actually do. On a typical day we arrive to begin snow removal activity about 3 a.m. in the morning or as we anticipate a plow-able snow of 2 inches or more. With no mechanical difficulties and a full crew we are typically able to have the entire campus ready by 8am. With a continuing snow event, we concentrate on the main priority areas throughout the day to maintain access.

Facilities reports snow and campus access conditions to the VP of Academic Affairs (usually by 5 a.m.) for evaluation as to whether the University should close or delay operations. This allows enough time to communicate with radio, TV, phone alert messages and the web for communication of a change in schedule.

1. Facilities will clear empty parking spaces in residential lots after all other priorities are sufficiently addressed. Residents can help in this effort by moving vehicles to cleared areas of a parking lot, allowing us to then clear the spaces vacated. Facilities will not plow or shovel out individual cars. Loaner shovels are available by contacting an RA in your building but it is best to be prepared to address your vehicle needs individually as the circumstances require.
2. Do not abandon vehicles in commuter or staff parking lots overnight. In our efforts to clear the lot they may become plowed in.
3. Please use extra caution while driving and walking around campus during slippery conditions. While we attempt to clear all obstacles, refreezing, continued snow and changing conditions require individual attention, some planning and thought as to how to safely navigate during weather events.

Facilities Management

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