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Charles Frazier2016 Appalachian Heritage Writer in Residence

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Cold Mountain book cover 1997

Cold Mountain

Cold Mountain is the iconic "journey" story of W. P. Inman, a wounded confederate soldier who journeyed home, back to Cold Mountain and his family, during the American Civil War. The portrays the ravages of war, the human spirit that prevails in times of war and trials. Cold Mountain is a National Book Award winner and Frazier was recepient of the Sue Kauffman Prise for First Fiction.

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Thirteen Moons book cover 2006

Thirteen Moons

Thirteen Moons, an historical novel that tells the complex story associated with the Cherokee Removal from the region and its aftermath, the Native Americans who remained in Appalachia, and the struggle against a newly-minted and highly racist American government. This NY Times Best Seller and award-winning book, principally a bildungsroman or coming of age story, evolved from research while Frazier worked on Cold Mountain.

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Nightwoods book cover 2011


Nightwoods is a literary thriller, a suspenseful story set in a fading and largely abandoned lodge in North Carolina. Murder, mountains, and two disturbed children drive this contemporary narrative of drugs, moonshine, and dysfunctional families, as Frazier stretches his storytelling talents to spin a story full of surprises, dramatic tensions, and modern themes.

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Jennifer Higdon: Cold Mountain book cover 2016

Jennifer Higdon: Cold Mountain

The Santa Fe Opera (Artist), Jennifer Higdon (Composer), Miguel Harth-Bedoya (Conductor).

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