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Appalachian Studies Minor

The Appalachian Studies minor is an interdisciplinary minor that is designed to make students aware of the rich and varied traditions of and the cultural and environmental influences on the geographical area known as Appalachia. Students often attach the minor to degrees in history, English, Environmental Science, Recreation and Leisure Studies, Sociology, and other degrees with an associated connection with this geographic area.

Curriculum for a Minor in Appalachian Studies

Total hours required15
*Required courses9
APST 356 - Appalachian Culture(3 cr) OR
ENGL 356 - Appalachian Culture(3 cr)
APST 309 - West Virginia and the Appalachian Region(3 cr) OR
HIST 309 - West Virginia and the Appalachian Region(3 cr)
APST 358 - Appalachian Literature(3 cr) OR
ENGL 358 - Appalachian Literature(3 cr)
*Elective Courses6
APST 400 - Seminar in Appalachian Studies(1-3 cr)
APST 476 - Appalachian Studies Practicum(1-3 cr)
ART 304 - Special Topics in Art History(3-9 cr) Must earn a total of 3 credits.
ENGL 371 - Introduction to Creative Writing(3 cr)
ENGL 471 - Creative Writing: Fiction(3 cr)
ENGL 472 - Creative Writing: Poetry(3 cr)
ENGL 473 - Creative Writing: Nonfiction(3 cr)
ENVS 307 - Introduction to Historic Preservation(3 cr) OR
HIST 300 - Historic Preservation and Interpretation(3 cr)
ENVS 309 - Regional Geology and Geomorphology and Laboratory(4 cr)
ENVS 325 - Oral History(3 cr)
ENVS 368 - Geology of National Parks and Laboratory(4 cr)
HIST 305 - History of the Lower Shenandoah Valley(3 cr)
HIST 308 - The Old South(3 cr)
HIST 345 - Introduction to Public History(3 cr)
MUSC 343 - Special Topics in Musicology(1-3 cr)
RECR 125 - Introduction to Commercial Recreation /Tourism(3 cr)
RECR 140 - Introduction to Leisure Studies(3 cr)
RECR 370 - Environmental Education(3 cr)
SOWK 300 - Community Service Learning(3 cr)
SOWK 301 - Social Welfare as a Social Institution(3 cr)
SOCI 303 - The Family(3 cr)

*While the required courses provide a diverse foundation for understanding the Appalachian region and culture, the electives will broaden students' knowledge-base and experiences. Students will work with the Coordinator of the Appalachian Studies Minor to select from the courses above an elective course of study that complements both their specific interests and majors, as well as courses that fulfill the interdisciplinary nature of the minor. Students can select no more than one elective course from any single discipline for the minor.

Appalachian Studies Board is composed of six voting members: the coordinator, a student representative, and representative from each of the following areas: English, History, Environmental Science, and Recreation. Membership on the Board is for two years and can be renewed with the approval of the Coordinator and Department Chairs. The Board will approve curricular issues, special topics proposals, and student capstone projects.

Appalachian Studies Coordinator: Dr. Sylvia Bailey Shurbutt, Department of English, 304-876-5207,


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