Look for these two features after the residency:

Teaching Resources

  • Colored People: Memoir, Rhetorical Identity and Composition
    This essay, presented at the 2008 Conference on College Composition and Communication by Dr. Heidi M. Hanrahan, Shepherd University, presents a model for teaching Colored People in the classroon and for exploring the "memoir" genre in student writing and class discussion.

  • Colored People Assignment
    Gives background information and links to outside resources for students. Also includes questions for students to think about and answer while reading the memoir. This assignment encourages active and thoughtful reading of the text.

  • Colored People Reading Analysis - A Microsoft Word document
    A quick sheet of questions to check for reading comprehension. Most of the questions relate to the Colored People Assignment above.

  • Colored People WebQuest
    In this WebQuest, you will learn about our 2007 Writer-in-Resident Henry Louis Gates, Jr., the dynamic period of change in America that surrounds his life and work, and his memoir Colored People. This WebQuest will help you to establish a sense of time and setting for appreciating Gates' life and work. Following each individual Quest are questions that can be used to facilitate discussion or to check completion/comprehension of the given topic.

  • Colored People Study Questions
    - A Microsoft Word document

The 2007 Appalachian Heritage Writer-in-Residence Program is made possible with financial support from the West Virginia Humanities Council, the West Virginia Center for the Book, and the Shepherd University Foundation.

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